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Khabir has helped thousands of people and hundreds have shared their story and the results.  Below are many real testimonials from people from all over the world.  Many were struggling with a wide variety of different ailments who have found incredible results from the Ayurvedic dietary and herbal approach to healthcare.  Please feel free to look through these testimonials to gain insight into the possibilities available. 

Note: As outlined in the full disclaimer, it is important to remember that the statements of people sharing their experiences are their personal views, results can vary (i.e. depending on quantity of herbs used, duration of treatment, body-type, age, lifestyle and other factors).  Sharing their stories is intended for inspiration and education about what is possible based on their experience, but each person’s experience may differ based on many factors.

Lily Maravilla, Los Angeles, CA (fatigue, weight)

"Living a hectic life in Los Angeles was enough to make me want to go to Ojai.  So I did just that.  I went to visit Khabir during one of his beautiful natural healing retreats.  I felt wonderful the moment I arrived.  We talked in detail about my desire to feel better, have more energy, have a great choice of foods to eat and most importantly, to stop drinking coffee for good.  He made it very easy for me to understand how important it is to just make the right choices that would benefit me in my life.  After 10 days with no coffee...okay, I've had one cup and honestly it tasted horrible.  I feel more alive with Khabir's help and the natural teas that he made up for me after a trip to the local health food market.  I love these teas.  On a more serious note, my husband came along for this journey and I cannot tell you how happy I am for him.  He has done a complete change in his diet - he's already lost 2" on his waistline, gave up all fruit juices, which were loaded with sugar.  He also gave up 90% of the carbs he was eating and is exercising more.  This all happened after Khabir spoke with him for a few hours.  I've been telling him about the sugar content of the juice, for 2 whole years.   I am just happy someone could make it clear and simple. Today we look at ourselves and wonder why we waited so long to do what makes us feel great!!!!!

Thank you, Khabir, for the knowledge and wisdom and for helping us help ourselves." Lily Maravilla, Los Angeles, CA March 2010


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