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 Khabir's 15th Annual Individualized Spring Detox Program

Feel sluggish, tiered, heavy or congested?

  If so, you need a Spring Cleanse. 

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All natural healthcare systems throughout time teach us to cleanse the body in Spring. In fact, for optimum health, you should regularly cleanse and detoxify the body, particularly for weight loss and respiratory congestion. To make it easy, many years ago, I created an inexpensive but highly effective Spring Detox Package that you can do at home with my support.  This program is based on the Ayurvedic principles of individualization, so your cleanse will be customized to your body type (constitution, dosha): Vata, Pitta, or Kapha.

If you have constipation, gas, or bloating, you will benefit immediately from this program. If you have difficulty digesting oily foods, dairy, or gluten or have Candida, you will see an improvement in your digestion after this program. Additionally, if you have any skin conditions, fatty liver, diverticulitis, acid reflux, allergies, or PMS, you will also see an improvement in those conditions after the program.*

Signs you need to cleanse

  • You've gained weight, and it won't come off
  • You feel generally fatigued
  • You see, your metabolism has slowed down
  • You have constant skin issues, including acne
  • Your appetite or bowel movements are irregular
  • Your mental or emotional state feels "off."

Benefits of Spring Cleansing

  • Easy weight-loss
  • Renewed energy
  • Stronger digestion
  • Improved Skin
  • Regular elimination of wastes 
  • Mental and emotional clarity

Khabir's Ayurvedic Detox Package

  • One Private consultation with Khabir - on Zoom (includes customized dietary, lifestyle guidelines, and home remedies)
  • One colon cleansing herbal formula based on individual needs  - 4oz Jar of ayurvedic herbs 
  • One Liver detox tea or formula - 3oz bag or tea or 4oz Jar of ayurvedic herbs 
  • One Dosha-specific digestive formula or tea  - 2 to 3 oz bag of tea or 4oz Jar of ayurvedic herbs 
  • Dosha-specific handmade cooking Seasoning in a 4oz jar (optional for only $10)
  • Detox dietary guidelines per dosha  
  • Email and text support as needed

Only $95 for existing clients.  $135 for new clients.

Includes an appointment with Khabir on Zoom (60 minutes for existing clients and 90 minutes for new clients.  Dietary guidelines and documentation will be provided in detail, plus 3 (three) recommended products for your Individualized [Ayurvedic] Detoxification Treatment.  Products will be for the colon, liver, circulation, pain, digestion, etc., as needed per individual treatment.  Email and text support will be provided.  A handmade doshic-specific cooking Seasoning in a 6oz jar can be included for just an additional $10.  Shipping is not included; the package is only available on Zoom.  30 minute followup appointment is available for $45.

* Additional herbal products and supplements may be recommended (sold separately).   The offer is available until March 31st, 2024, at $10 for shipping of products in the USA.  International shipping is available.

Schedule your appointment here.  (Choose Spring Detox in the choice of services. )

Note:  The Spring Detox Package is for those in good health with no major chronic health conditions.  If you have a serious health condition or have a complex condition with multiple chronic health problems, it is advised that you schedule a full appointment and not choose this package. Additionally, this program would be contraindicated for those who are underweight and depleted as this type of individual needs tonifying and nutritional rejuvenation therapy, not detoxification; they should schedule a regular appointment and not choose a detox package.  


Catherine Ann Jones, Ojai, CA, 

"I'd done cleanses before, but doing the liver-gallbladder cleanse with the Ayurvedic herbs was so much easier. Thank you, Khabir!"

John Whyte, Ojai, CA

"I first sought out Khabir's help as I was feeling effects that often coincide with overexposure to heavy metals. I was feeling dizziness, lightheaded, metallic tastes, slight depression and disruption in sleep. We completed a full detox of the liver and gallbladder. I can say that since completion, the symptoms are gone. Thanks, Khabir!"

Janice Lorber, Santa Barbara

"I want to thank you again for encouraging me to do the liver cleanse. I have felt more energy and enthusiasm for life than ever since the liver cleanse. No more sluggishness, long afternoon naps, and desire for greasy foods. I feel the cleanse has changed my life. Thank you so much. Sincerely!"

Sarah Uma, Santa Barbara

"Thank you Khabir for being a model of holistic healing! I had great success with one of your herb teas that balanced my kidneys relieving so many symptoms and your consistent loving support through a colon cleanse added to my healing."

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