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It's an honor to be recommended by clients and friends I want to thank each and everyone one of them from the bottom of my heart for their testimonial and referring me to others. 

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A serious IBS case resolved in a couple weeks

I have been working with Kahbir for a couple months on digestive issues which had previously gotten progressively worse over the past twenty years.  After unexpected weight loss, and other awful symptoms, I sought help from Kahbir.

I've seen several specialists over the years, but none zeroed in on what was wrong.  I was malnourished, but thought I was eating a fairly healthy diet; attributing my symptoms to "getting old" !
After my first 90 minute consultation with Kahbir, he helped me realize that I had  an inflamed colon, and gave me a list of foods to eat and how to prepare them, along with herbs and herbal teas which completely turned me around
in the first few days,  My bathroom issues have improved enormously !!
Khabir is a very extraordinary doctor and healer.  He is a great communicator with a wonderful sense of humor.  He keeps track and checks-in with his patients, making it very easy to follow the  individualized  program. 
His knowledge and intuition are off the charts !
I am so blessed to have received Kahbir's help.
Forever grateful,
Susan of Aptos, CA Aril 1st 2024

"Nothing I have ever tried before has helped me this much"

"I had my first appointment with Dr. Khabir Southwick 6 months ago, and I see consistent excellent results since adopting the prescribed diet and herbs into my daily routine 6 months ago. Nothing I have ever tried before has helped me this much. I am much, much healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally. I highly recommend Khabir Southwick."  Donna Taylor, Austin TX. March 2022

"when all hope is lost, you’ll find faith in Khabir. Trust and believe in Dr. Khabir Southwick.."

"Khabir actually listens. When western medicine fails, when doctors are quick to let their ego get in the way of their medical opinion, when all hope is lost, you’ll find faith in Khabir." - Erica Gordon, Thousand Oaks, California, 11 May 2021

". . . he can help anyone that puts the time and effort into following his guidance."

"Khabir was so attuned to the specific needs of my health and tailored the approach specifically to consistently meet my health-related goals. His approach gave me tools to make the necessary lifestyle shifts required for healing. I strongly believe he can help anyone that puts the time and effort into following his guidance."  Heydieh Soroush,  Aguna Niguel, CA. July 2020

"master herbalist"

" Khabir is once a very knowledgeable master herbalist and ayurvedic guide but is also a genuinely caring person. The combination is helping me to heal deeply and thoroughly. He checks up on his patients regularly, making sure they get the results they came in for. Highly recommended ". Elissa Kerhauls, Encinco, CA. 

Khabir has a vast knowledge of herbs . . . and an extremely compassionate presence.

"Khabir has a vast knowledge of herbs and holistic healing and an extremely compassionate presence."  Maya Shaw-Gale from Creative Edge Coaching & Right Use of Power, Santa Barbara, CA.  March 2020

Khabir is like a "human radionics instrument"

"Khabir is a Healer; the "real deal". Khabir is like a "human radionics instrument". I had an intuitive sense from my body what it needed, and that's exactly what Khabir "tuned" into. I love the foods he's prescribed which I've now permanently added to my life. The whole process feels good, and I know that I'm really taking care of myself." James Smallwood, Ojai, January 2020

"he continues to educate us and his genuine caring nature that makes us feel like family."

 "I started seeing Khabir in 2014 as I had been dealing with chronic digestive problems for my entire life. These issues caused high levels of anxiety and stress on a daily basis and to say that my quality of life was inhibited would be an understatement. After I started seeing Khabir and began incorporating his dosha specific diet plans, herbal remedies, and cleansing, I experienced immediate results. My health and state of mind improved more than I could have imagined. 

Khabir continued to be a positive influence throughout my pregnancy and with his guidance and support I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy in 2015.  Since then my entire family has continued to see Khabir and he has been especially helpful with any kind of ailment and preventative care.  My four year old drinks immune boosting herbal teas and takes his superfood supplement everyday!  It’s truly been amazing to see my family’s health thrive! 

What I appreciate most about Khabir is consistent reliability, how he continues to educate us and his genuine caring nature that makes us feel like family. Thank you Khabir!"  Soren, Sarah and Wyland, Ventura CA July 2019. 

"...look no further than Khabir Southwick :)"

"So far Khabir and his herbs have lifted me from a life of constant physical suffering to one of great joy and physical comfort. My body and mind have come a long way since first meeting Khabir, and for this, I am eternally grateful.  If you're looking to be healed or to learn to heal others, look no further than Khabir Southwick :)"  Sean Moran, Ventura, CA, April 2019


"I and my husband blesses him day and night. "

"Namaste, Since mid of 2015, I am taking consistently Khabir's herbs and diet. He is untiredly, openness, hard-working , knowledgeable, and much more has kept my failing pancreas from getting pancreatectomy before it becomes cancerous.  I am blessed to find him.  I and my husband blesses him day and night.  So call him without any hesitation.  He works for our good health." Malti Prajapati, Santa Barbara, April 2019

"If I could get everyone I know to see him, I 100000% would."

"If I could get everyone I know to see him, I 100000% would.   I can say my life is truly better, my body healthier, and my mind clearer, since I made the choice to Skype with him. I am eternally grateful, THANK YOU KHABIR!!!!!!"  Kelsey Vireshwara, Minneapolis, MN April 2019

"Do yourself a favor and get a consult with Khabir. You'll be glad you did!"

"Khabir put his finger on my pulse and went through my 10 page questionnaire and literally put his finger on the problems I was having!  He gave me a thorough consultation and made sure I understood what needed to be done.  He gave me a complete protocol for what to eat with handouts.  He made me take notes on what I needed to do.  He gave me a tea to drink which instantly relieved my congestion.  I left Khabir's office that first day, only to come back 3 months later a new woman!  Khabir's consultation and herbs were what I needed to lose the weight, get my energy and body back, and have a life again!  He taught me how to eat.  I love the diet he gave me and it turned out to be so good for me.  No more getting up all night to urinate.  No more aches and pains.  Lots of energy.  I have my memory.  I feel 20 years younger like I got myself back!  Do yourself a favor and get a consult with Khabir.  You'll be glad you did!"  Marguerite Deselms, Los Angeles CA, March 2019

"If you have reoccurring issues I encourage you to make an appt with Khabir."

After going to my doctor and trying various medications and undergoing lots of tests I stumbled upon Khabir's websites via Google. Khabir is a wealth of knowledge. He is kind, caring, understanding, intelligent and intune with his patients. I scheduled a Skype call and the rest is history. I am about 2 weeks into Khabir's recommendations for dietary changes and herbs and feeling SO much better. 

Keep in mind these are NOT over the counter medicines so they will not squash your symptoms within a day or two.  These are natural herbs so you will need to commit to patience with yourself and your body. You will have to nurture yourself and care for yourself while your body heals. But the upside is you are actually healing! Not just covering up the problem! 

If you have reoccurring issues I encourage you to make an appt with Khabir. You will thank yourself later.  Saifra Zia, Los Angeles

"I would highly recommend him."

"He understands different body types very well and customized an amazing routine for me. He is very knowledgeable and motivating. I would highly recommend him. " Mrityunjay Kumar, May 2018

"KHABIR is a rare, precious and endangered resource!"

"KHABIR is a rare, precious and endangered resource! The wisdom of the ancients and the herbalists is a treasured ...resource that few have retained. We evolved with the plant kingdom and would be wise to protect the knowledge of its healing secrets."  Suzanne Riordan of Families ACT, Santa Barbara, CA. April 2020

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