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Using the ancient herbal remedies of Ayurveda, along with dietary and lifestyle guidelines, we're able to help women to balance their hormones and address the root causes of menstrual symptoms (such as dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, endometriosis and other hormonal imbalances.)  We aim to help women have a healthy monthly rhythm, wherein menstruation is preceded by minimal symptoms and the menstrual cycle is regular.  PMS Treatment Details

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"menstrual cycle [has returned] after it was absent for 26 YEARS!"

"Working with Khabir Southwick gave me the gift of a natural menstrual cycle after it was absent for 26 YEARS!!!
I sought out help from gynecologists and even had pellet insertions in my hips for hormone replacement therapy and none of it worked.  After taking herbs and following Khabir’s protocols for a few months my cycle returned!! It was an extremely healthy, normal cycle with NO PMS symptoms. It felt like a miracle.

I now have confidence in my health, body and self knowing that my hormones are balanced. This opened up possibilities for my future I always hoped for, however seemed unattainable due to my health. I hope this inspires others to keep trying and never lose hope that they can become a healthy female. Ayurveda works, never give up!"  Courtney Dunn, Houston Texas, Sep 2022

"Khabir’s herbs have also help fix my hormonal imbalances"

"I have been using Khabir’s herbs for about 2 months now.  I was trying to lose weight for a long time but the scale wasn’t budging. Now I have lost 12 lbs so far since starting the herbs! 
Khabir’s herbs have also help fix my hormonal imbalances!!!" Harjot Kaur, Sanger CA Sep 2022

Holly of Oxnard CA (uterine inflammation & pain, excess bleeding, endometriosis) (2)

"I feel a HUGE difference in mood, cramps and my period is much lighter!"

"I really like the menstrual and anemia herbs I feel a HUGE difference in mood, cramps and my period is much lighter!"  D. Andrea April 2019

"After 3 weeks my [intestinal and PMS] pain was almost completely gone."

"I have been battling Endometriosis for 6 years. From cysts, IBS, bladder infections, fatigue, chronic intense pain all month long, even worse on my period have been my symptoms and to say the least has been taxing. I started the protocol the Dr, Khabir has started me on.  My energy level is back so much I have forgotten how to use it!  After 3 weeks my pain was almost completely gone.  So thank you, Khabir. You have given me back my life. I am not always tired and weak and totally and mentally distraught anymore! " Molly McCabe, Los Osos CA, May 2018

"I've benefited from the PMS tea."

"I feel great. I don't feel fatigued; I have good energy all day long. I've also benefited from the PMS tea.  It has significantly reduced those PMS symptoms."   Veronica Castellanos, Santa Ana, CA

"Within two weeks my skin basically cleared"

"I followed Khabir's advice about what foods to avoid and what to eat and took his hormone/PMS tea and within two weeks my skin basically cleared after years of fighting chronic acne." Susan Mooney, Ventura, CA, February 2018

"This month I had no PMS at all until the day before my period..."

"I have noticed much improvement in my PMS since starting Khabir's PMS tea two months ago. This month I had no PMS at all until the day before my period.  I started my period today and no cramps which was great.   Jennifer Adams, TN, November 2017

"I did the PMS tea for a few days and loved it.."

"Teas are great! I drink them all day! I did the PMS tea for a few days and loved it.I do notice a difference. My digestion has improved significantly. My body loves the spices and warm food and teas. I feel better!  Mia Willson, Carpinteria, CA, April 2017


Khabir Southwick is available for [face-to-face] consultations in Ojai California, Bulverde Texas or remotely by Zoom worldwide.

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