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"Our objective is to educate our clients and help them be truly healthy, in a state of homeostasis and balance with vigor, strength and good immunity." Khabir

Services are available worldwide

(Rates last updated Jan. 1st 2024)

Consultations include: 

  • Individualized [Ayurvedic] dietary guidelines and therapeutic meal planning
  • Instructions and support for home treatments
  • Individualized [Western & Ayurvedic] herbal medicine (paid separately)
  • Daily and seasonal routine suggestions based on Ayurveda

* Unlimited follow-up support. 

Remote Appointments 

Remote appointments are available by Zoom worldwide.  The appointment will consist of a 90-minute remote appointment. The recommended herbal products can be mailed anywhere in the USA and most countries. 

  • Initial Treatment Appointment: $95 - 90 minutes 
  • Follow-up Appointments: $65 - 60 minutes (If your last appointment was less than two years ago)
  • Follow-up Appointments: $45 - 30 minutes (For questions about existing treatment with no new health issues) 

For an appointment, see Available Services and Appointment Times. 

Clinic Appointments in Ojai, CA

Initial consultations last approximately 60 to 90 minutes, depending upon your concerns and number of health conditions.  Private consultations are available Mon. through Thursday, half day Friday and half day Saturday. For assistance, call or text 805-858-9222 or schedule online.

  • Initial appointment: $125 - 90 minutes 
  • Follow-up appointments: $85 - 60 minutes (If your last appointment was less than two years ago)

For an appointment, see Available Services and Appointment Times. 

Clinic Appointments in Bulverde, just north of San Antonio, Texas,

Details and fees for the San Texas clinic

* Unlimited follow-up support.

Discount packages with Khabir on Zoom:

  • One initial appointment plus one follow-up appointment: $135
  • One initial appointment plus three follow-up appointments: $240
  • Four follow-up appointments: $220 - 60 minutes each
    * No expiration date 

Call or Text 1-805-858-9222

with your questions and inquiries.

Days & Times

The clinic is available for last-minute appointments; however, an appointment is still required. Clinic hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or later Monday through Thursday and half day on Friday and Saturday until about 2 p.m. Appointments can be scheduled online from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., with availability on Sundays and evenings upon request. To see available times and schedule an appointment, click here

Payment Policy

Payment for services is required at the time of appointment for office clients or in advance for remote clients.  Detailed receipts will be provided by email for all services and products purchased.

Visa, MasterCard, and Amex are accepted. Checks should be payable to Natural Healing Consultants.  

Speak to Khabir about paying with Bitcoin.

Family Consultations

Many families find they share the same health challenges and/or wish to implement lifestyle changes as a family rather than face the challenges of a single member of the family making healthy changes while their family members don't. I am happy to consult with families and love to help each family member improve his or her health.

Cancellation Policy

Appointments missed or canceled with less than 24 hours notice will incur a charge of $50. Exceptions to this policy may be made for emergencies on a case-by-case basis.


Unless specifically stated, teas, herbal formulas, supplements, spices, oils, and other products are not included in consulting fees or programs. We use the highest quality, ethically wildcrafted, pure, and organic herbs in our Ayurvedic herbal preparations and teas. * Herbal product costs: Generally, the formulas are $10 - $15 for a 2 oz. jar; $20  to $25 for a 4 oz. jar; and $35 or $40 for a 6 oz. glass jar of powdered herbs; $10 or $15 for a 2.5 oz. or 3.0 oz. bag of loose herbal tea blends, and $15 for 4 oz. of herbal oils. Prices are set based on the cost of the ingredients, not the weight. Herbal products may be shipped in plastic bags (with labels) instead of glass jars when needed.  Unopened labeled products are refundable within 15 days of purchase except for "custom" made products. 


We do not bill insurance directly, but we will prepare a detailed bill you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement if your insurance covers naturopathic or nutritional therapy visits.  We do not bill Medicare.

Traditional HMO and PPO plans do not yet cover Ayurveda.  This means we are an "out-of-pocket" expense.  For many of us, the first step on our journey to wellness is to make our health a priority and one that we invest in.

Description of terms 

  • Remote Appointments (Not-in-Person Consultations) - Includes Zoom or other remote communication services with documents, email, and mailed herbal products. 
  • The Initial Appointment (First in-person Consultation) - Includes a comprehensive intake with dietary and health history, current supplement analysis: pulse, tongue, eyes, nail, and skin assessment as per Ayurveda, individualized dietary recommendations, recommendations for herbal products as needed; approx. 90 minutes.
  • Follow-up appointment (Consultations after the first appointment)  - Evaluate progress and start new treatment(s); approx. 60 minutes.

All sessions include documentation, handouts, links to recommended products, and follow-up support by phone or email as needed.   Herbal products are billed separately. One consultation is needed to purchase herbal products.

Recent Testimonials

  • "wonderful staff"

    " So Appreciative! Thank you.  I am finally on my new path to a healthy lifestyle! I am so pleased to have recently found Ayurvedic guidelines from Khabir that would get to the root of the resistant high blood pressure I’m currently experiencing. I’m excited and in expectation of permanent results. Khabir is caring, very knowledgeable and has a wonderful staff. Thank you Khabir!"   Ms Dee M, Los Angeles CA, Oct. 2023

  • ". . . in just a few short weeks I am already seeing significant changes in ALL areas!"

    "I was so fortunate to find Dr. Khabir and even better yet that his office is only minutes from my new home. Moving to a new state created a lot of stress on my system - some I didn't even realized until after we talked. Khabir was just a joy to speak with, he asked me questions I had never thought about. And he started working in an area of concern that I thought was the lowest concern but figured I would go with it anyway as I knew I was out of balance. I have taken the right herbs, along with the Ayurvedic diet changes and in just a few short weeks I am already seeing significant changes in ALL areas! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Khabir and benefit from his vast knowledge of Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle and herbal influences."  Karen Romine, San Antonio TX, 2022

  • "Nothing I have ever tried before has helped me this much . . ."

    "I had my first appointment with Dr. Khabir Southwick 6 months ago, and I see consistent excellent results since adopting the prescribed diet and herbs into my daily routine 6 months ago. Nothing I have ever tried before has helped me this much. I am much, much healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally. I highly recommend Khabir Southwick."  Donna Taylor, Austin TX. March 2022

  • " Thank you . . . for help[ing] me gain better health and heal my skin."

    "I wanted to thank you for all your help and wonderful products you have created, as I have been feeling better than I have for a long time and my skin has cleared up. You are extremely skilled and an expert in herbs. You have given me lots of great advice, as well as guidance on diet, herbs, and overall important aspects of my life to work on to help me gain better health and heal my skin. It's great to have nice skin again!!!!!  Thank you so much!!!" Sally Mitchell. Rigby, ID, Nov. 2021

  • Ayurvedic Healing Master

    'Kabir will give you the compassionate attention to detail you need in order to form the precise herbs and diet to order to balance your dosha and return to homeostasis. My results were significant after my first month of following the recommended way of eating and taking the herbs he prescribed. I would highly recommend Kabir as an alternative to Allopathic medicine which offers only drugs and surgery. You will be made whole again as he guides your body into perfect balance. Thank you Kabir"   Leila Stephens, Ventura CA, Sep. 2021


Khabir Southwick is available for [face-to-face] consultations in Ojai California, Bulverde Texas or remotely by Zoom worldwide.

 Fees and Health Assessment Forms

Call or text 805-858-9222 for more information.  For general inquires: email info @ KhabirsClinic .com

The information on this website, related social media accounts and websites and email newsletters is for educational purposes only. We make no claims that specific nutrition, herbal therapies, diet, or other health-related decisions will cure or mediate any disease or medical condition; this includes cancer, or Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19). It is recommended that you do your own research and consult your physician before making any decisions on what to do for your health and wellbeing. The information contained herein is in no way intended to provide individual medical advice. Medical advice must only be obtained from a Medical Doctor.  Complete Disclaimer.  Privacy & Covid19 policy.


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