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Health Recovery Programs

Healthy/Non-toxic health protocols:

After years of working with people with various chronic health conditions, I have developed health rejuvenation programs that target specific body systems and specific health conditions.  These are results-oriented programs addressing the root causes of health problems, instead of merely treating the symptoms.

Generally, dietary guidelines use only wholefoods and recommend meals that are very high in nutrients and not extreme or difficult to follow in any manner (i.e. only raw foods, strict vegetarianism, no grains, no dairy, high protein, lots of small meals etc.). Recommendations, although individualized, include large amounts of vegetables (both cooked and raw as per body-type); whole and sprouted grains (as per body-type and health conditions); plant based protein with an emphasis on legumes (bean, lentils, peas, etc); raw dairy (recommended or not based as per body-type, age and health conditions); none or minimal wild fish or organic chicken (recommended or not based health conditions), vegetable juices, fruits between meals (as per body-type), ample healthy fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, etc.) and superfoods (i.e. bee pollen, chlorella, spirulina, brewers yeast, hemp seeds, etc.)

Clearly detoxification of the colon, liver and blood as well as decongesting the lymphatic system are critical aspects of most of these programs. In all programs, herbal formulas and teas are utilized extensively and thus there is less dependence on dietary changes and less need for highly restrictive diets.  (Please call for details since the following descriptions are an overview only, and each program is individualized to each person).

Unstable Blood Sugar Support Program

    • Objectives: Improve eating habits by avoiding snacking and eating simple carbs and sugars,  stabilize blood sugar level with dietary changes and herbal formulas, decongest lymphatic system, match diet to digestive system type and geared to stabilize blood sugar levels, increase nutrient levels of diet, detoxify  the colon, cleanse small intestinal track and detox the liver; and replenish healthy intestinal flora.
    • Diet: A diet based on your body type and the Ayurveda [kapha] diet with generally with very low amounts of sweet fruits and starty vegetables and animal protein.
    • Therapies: Daily high-nutrition vegetable juicing, juice fasting, herbal teas for stable blood sugar between meals, wholefood supplement therapy, Ayurvedic herbal formula for lower blood sugar levels, 14 day colon cleanse, 14 day liver cleanse and other cleanses as required.
    • Education: Nutritional counseling, meal preparation and planning, cooking, proper food combining, eating habits to weight-loss, healthy shopping and eating out habits, activity and exercise guidelines.
    • Notes: Program takes one to two months and two to four sessions or more especially if weight loss is required.


Join and/or Tissue Pain and Inflammation

    • Objectives: Improve digestion, reduce inflammation at all levels, match diet to digestive system type and geared to reduce inflammation, increase nutrient levels of diet, detoxify  the colon, cleanse small intestinal track and detox the liver; and replenish healthy intestinal flora.
    • Diet: A comprehensive anti-inflammatory diet that avoids the nightshade vegetables, citrus fruit, irritating grain, most animal protein, with wholefood supplements known to reduce inflammation such as flax oil and/or fish oil and mineral supplementation.
    • Therapies: Daily high-nutrition vegetable juicing, juice fasting, herbal teas to reduce inflammation and provide more minerals between meals, Ayurvedic herbal formulas for inflammation, 14 day colon cleanse, a 14 day liver cleanse, other cleanses as required, and therapeutic oil- massage using anti-inflammatory oils.
    • Education: Nutritional counseling, grounding and walking barefoot, hatha yoga guidelines, pH balancing/testing (daily), alkaline water hydration and magnetic therapy, natural topical solutions.
    • Notes: Program takes two to three months and two to four sessions or more. 


Heart Care to lower blood pressure and/or cholesterol levels

    • Objectives: Improve digestion, match diet to digestive system type and adjusted for better heart support, increase nutrient levels of diet, detoxify  the colon, cleanse small intestinal track and detox the liver; and replenish healthy intestinal flora.
    • Diet: A low-fat, high potassium, high phyto-nutrient diet  based on your body type with minimal animal protein with the exception of fish.  Superfoods to promote a healthy heart.
    • Therapies: High antioxidant juice therapy, liquid fasting with high potassium vegetables, herbal teas, wholefood supplement therapy, Ayurvedic herbal formula for high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, 14 day colon cleanse, 14 day liver cleanse and other cleanses as required and improve kidney function.
    • Education: Nutritional counseling, pH balancing/testing (daily), moderate cardiovascular exercise, stress reduction techniques/activities, relaxing massage/bodywork treatments (as needed)
    • Notes: Program takes three to six months and eight sessions or more.


Cysts, Fibroid and Growth Reversal

    • Objectives: Temporarily modify diet to support detoxification of specific organs and body system, detoxify the colon, cleanse small intestinal track, replenish healthy intestinal flora, detox the liver, rejuvenate the blood,  and cleanse/flush kidney/bladder pathway.
    • Diet: Diet will adjust for each detoxification stage based to some degree on Gerson therapy, however, all animal protein, hard to digest foods, food that are not organic and any processed foods need to be removed.
    • Therapies: Daily vegetable juicing based on the the detoxification stage, herbal teas and formulas for each detox stage, gallbladder flush, panchakarma (additional fee), juice fasting, wholefood supplement therapy such a use of chlorella, 14 day colon cleanse, enamas or colon hydrotherapy (referred service), 14 day liver cleanse and other cleanses as required such as 30 day heavy metal detox, lymph drainage massage (optional service).
    • Education: Detailed instructions, guidelines and support for each stage of cleansing.
    • Notes: Program takes 1 to two months and three to six sessions, depending on the amount of detoxification required.  See intestinal tract and liver cleanse details here. See details of heavy metal detox program here.

Additional health programs:

  • Bone Building Program
  • Memory/Brain Program
  • Menopause Symptom Reducing Program

[blockquote]"Though scientists do not all agree until now on the relationship between illness and nutrition, evidence is mounting and there is a general consensus that the quality and quantity of foods we consume in our affluent society and our sedentary lifestyle are the main factors causing many forms of cancer, cardiovascular and other degenerative diseases."  – Dr. Ted Cooper, Former U.S. Assistant Health Secretary[/blockquote]



Programs require one or more private consultations (in Ojai, CA or by Skype) plus herbal products.

For appointment details see: Fees & Online Health Assessment Forms.






Success Stories

Maria Blair, Santa Barbara

His deep knowledge of Ayurveda and his skills as a Master Herbalist are life changing . . . . .I highly recommend him to everybody.

Dore' and Guido, Ojai, CA

Khabir's highly knowledgeable and exceptionally thorough understanding of Ayurveda is a health-enhancing gift to others..

Donna Day, Ventura CA.

It was very helpful to learn of my Ayurvedic diet and start using the oils you recommended and, of course, the herbal products. Thanks So Much

Sonia Nordenson, Ojai

Khabir Southwick is an expert on Ayurveda and nutrition.

Love Alice James, Los Angeles

Your warm oil massage and hot steam treatment was unbelievable! After this experience I dont think I could enjoy a dry massage again. There is no questions that the Indian system of massage with warm oils is not only very relaxing and detoxifying but great for the skin and has noticeably reduced my joint pain. I look forward to my drive to Ojai again for next treatment.


Khabir Southwick is available for [face-to-face] consultations in Ojai California, Bulverde Texas or remotely by Zoom worldwide.

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