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Common Health Complaints

Find relief with simple remedies

Over many years, I have developed protocols that target common health issues. Overall treatments are herbal supported with dietary guidelines and home remedies.  All dietary guidelines are based on the person's Ayurvedic body-type/dosha and each herbal formula is adjusted for the individual.

The information below is an overview of the Ayurvedic perspective and my approach to each condition. Most of these health conditions require just one or two private consultations with additional efforts to improve digestion, nutrition and detoxify as necessary.  With each consultation, you will receive an individualized program with meal plans, documents describing each home-remedy, customized herbal medicine, and follow-up support.

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Acid Reflux Acne & Pimples Anxiety Asthma & Allergies
Bone Density (low) Common cold, Flu or Infection Constipation Depression (mild)
Insomnia & Poor Sleep Male Sex Health Memory & Focus Menopause Symptoms
PMS Prostate Health Unstable Blood Sugar Yeast Infection

Acid Reflux

Other symptoms include indigestion, bitter tastes in the mouth, belching, nausea, vomiting, burning sensation in the throat or chest, headaches, itching, rashes, and pimples.

Generally, Pitta-reducing foods and herbs are used while sour and acidic foods are avoided. Have a light and easily digestible food. Use whole-wheat flour, brown or white rice, raw cow's milk, coconut water, and barley water. Avoid heavy, dry, penetrating, spicy, and sour foods. Avoid fish, mustard oil, mustard seeds, black pepper, black tea, coffee, and alcohol. Avoid waking up late in the night, sitting under the sun, and fasting.

The protocol includes individualized dietary recommendations to improve digestion, before and after-meal herbal formulas, and an anti-inflammatory intestinal tea.


See details of the therapy here.

Acne & Pimples

Acne is a common and chronic skin condition. Acne is characterized by the presence of blackheads, pimples, small superficial sebaceous cysts, and scars. All forms of acne have their origin in wrong eating habits and the excessive consumption of starch, sugar, fried and/or fatty foods. Chronic constipation is another cause of acne. If the bowels do not move properly, the waste matter is not eliminated as quickly as it should be and the bloodstream becomes infected with toxic matter. The effort of the skin to eliminate the excess waste results in acne and other forms of skin disease. Other causes of this condition are unhygienic living habits, excessive use of tea, coffee, alcohol, or tobacco, and poor eating habits that lead to indigestion and poor nutrition.

Avoid spicy, oily, bitter, and sour foods. Eat fresh, unprocessed food. Increase the use of herbs that have cooling effects on the body like fennel, coriander seeds, Indian gooseberry (amla; Amalaki), and aloe vera. Increase intake of water to about 8-10 glasses per day, and take coconut water. Wash your face frequently with mild herbal soaps. Cleanse your face with lemon peels.

The protocol includes specific supplementation and dietary recommendations including a wholefood zinc supplement. Additionally, natural skincare guidelines and suitable home treatments will be recommended.    Many Naturopathic skincare remedies include vinegar, lemon juice, honey, cinnamon, chickpea flour, and other household items.  For women, hormonal balancing herbs and teas are usually helpful. Cases with a history of constipation can benefit from colon cleansing is also effective in all skin conditions.


Anxiety & Stress


Stress can lead to palpitation, heart attack, migraine and tension headache, eating disorder, ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, diabetes, backache, chronic fatigue syndrome, dermatitis, allergy, cold and cough, asthma, insomnia, stammering, phobia, depression, premature aging and more. Typical symptoms of stress can be insomnia, loss of mental concentration, anxiety, absenteeism from work, depression, substance abuse, extreme anger and frustration, family conflict, and physical illnesses, such as heart disease, migraine, headaches, stomach problems, and back problems.

Following the right diet for dealing with stress is also very important.  Avoid coffee and all other caffeinated beverages, because in high doses caffeinated substances produce jitteriness, restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. As far as possible, try to avoid carbonated and alcoholic drinks as well. High-protein animal foods should also be minimized.  Eat lots of fresh green vegetables and fruits as per your body type. Avoid white flour and sugar products, and all frozen, preserved, and leftover food.

The protocol includes eating habits guidelines, some dietary guidelines, specific supplement recommendations, relaxing and sleepy herbal teas, and an ayurvedic herbal formula to be taken daily. Improvement is seen in most cases, but regardless of a person's lifestyle and stress levels are major factors.  Medicated self-oil massage (Abhyanga) is also very helpful as is Herbal Enema or Colon Therapy (Basti).

See details of the therapy here.

Asthma & Allergies

Asthma is a chronic form of cough and lung condition that can include gasping, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. Causes include allergies or lung diseases.  Bronchial asthma can be from any of the three doshas but is more often Kapha in nature.

Avoid smoking and exposure to dusty and cold air. Drinking herbal teas or sipping lukewarm water with honey is helpful. To avoid ama (mucus) formation, have freshly prepared warm meals at regular intervals. Eat less than the full capacity of the stomach. Heavy foods like dairy products, fried foods, pickles, cold foods, rice, beans, and legumes should be avoided.

The protocol includes specific supplement recommendations, dietary guidelines, an allergy tea based on a nettle leaf, a customized formula of Ayurvedic herbs, and instructions for nasal cleaning with a neti pot.   Often requires liver detoxification and Vomiting Therapy (Vamana) is very helpful.   Acute asthmatic attacks can be dangerous and should be treated by a professional.

See details of the therapy here.

Bone Density (low)

A normal bone is made up of calcium and minerals like magnesium and phosphate. Osteoporosis occurs when there is a reduction of minerals in the bone, which leads to the loss of bone structure. The bones are at their 'strongest peak' in the 20s. Normal aging leads to a slow and continuous loss of bone mineral density, which takes several years, mostly starts in the late '30s. About 99 % of the body's calcium is limited to the bones and teeth.

Health studies show that about 50% of women over the age of 50 in the United States are at risk of developing osteoporosis which is called osteopenia. This condition is characterized by bone density measurement as diagnosed through a bone density test. Generally, there are no warning signs seen in early osteoporosis until the first fracture occurs.

The protocol includes individualized dietary guidelines, nutritional deficiency assessment, supplement recommendations, and herbal high-mineral tea.  Ayurveda offers many herbal formulas known to improve calcium metabolism in the body and to maintain the strength of the bones. A coral calcium complex is also provided with trace minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc in the there purified form which has proven to be very effective in promoting bone density. The approach works well but takes time for results which are usually indicated by thicker fingernails and more hair growth.

Common Cold & Cough

A common cold may sometimes be due to weak digestion. When the food we eat is not fully digested, it transforms into mucus known as ama (toxin). This circulates through the body and reaches the respiratory system, where it causes colds.

The first signs of infection are often just an itchy or slightly sore throat.  Within hours of noticing early symptoms of viral infection, the immune system has to be strengthened by giving it the nutrients it needs to work (such as Vitamin C and high anti-oxidant foods as well as good sources of the oil-soluble vitamins including E, A, and D). Ayurveda like other ancient healing sciences provides many natural remedies that effectively fight infections as well as strengthen immunity.

Cold food and drinks, ice creams, sweets, fried food, and milk products (cheese, creams, yogurt) should not be consumed. Sweet fruit juices should also be avoided. Bread, meats, nuts, and pastries are also not good to take. Follow a light and warm diets like boiled or steamed vegetables and vegetable soup.

In general terms, treatments include herbal formulas, supplements, dietary changes, and lifestyle measures like resting more.  This protocol includes supplement recommendations, home remedies, and custom herbal products to fight infection and improve immune function.

If you or your family has a cold or mild infection please read this article: Preventing and recovering from the common cold and flu.

Home Remedies:

  • Take ½ teaspoon of ginger powder with 1 teaspoon of honey. Black pepper can also be added in the case of congestion.
  • Chewing a piece of fresh ginger with a little salt on it will ease coughs and stimulate the appetite.
  • Equal quantities of turmeric and ginger powder can be mixed together. One teaspoon can be taken with warm water 3 times per day.
  • Gargling with warm salty water is very beneficial. This can be done two or three times a day.


Signs of an unhealthy colon include heavy tongue coating, sinking stools, only or no stools passed daily.  Healthy bowel movements should be at minimum daily, preferably in the early morning and two or three per day.  Constipation is usually related to the imbalance of the Ayurvedic body energy, Vata. Vata imbalance causes dryness in the body and problems related to movement and internal transportation of substances.

Generally speaking, avoid fried food, white flour, and white sugar products, cheese, and processed food. Try not to drink back tea or coffee. Dry, cold, or light food should not form a large part of the diet.  Drink warm water or herbal teas regularly during the day between meals. However, do not drink water immediately after or before meals. Try not to overeat, and have at least 4-5 hours between meals. Avoid heavy food or food that is difficult to digest at night, and eat at least 3 hours before sleeping. Drinking a glass of warm [raw organic] milk before bed with a little ginger is also effective for many people.

The treatment protocol includes dietary guidelines, supplement recommendations, home remedies, and laxative herbal powders.  With a change in diet and eating habits, most cases improve, however, proper colon cleansing generally including herbal and oil enema (basti) treatment is necessary. Severe cases initially require purgation (virechana) treatment. Most cases benefit from liver detoxification as well.

See details of the therapy here.

Depression (mild)

Depression being an emotional/mental condition is far more difficult to cope with than a physical ailment. The growing complexities of modern life and the continuing state of being in a crisis creates mental stress and strain that can lead to his condition.  Long periods of anxiety and tension can also cause mental depressions.

In most cases, nutritional deficiencies are the foundation of the condition and require immediate attention. Thankfully, there are many herbal medicines (with St. John's Wort being the most well-known and most clinically tested) for improving the mood and overcoming mild depression.

The treatment protocol includes a nutritional deficiency assessment, specific supplement recommendations, an herbal tea with St. John's Wort, and other herbal products as needed. There is always improvement in most cases, however, lifestyle habits, stress levels, and toxicity remain major factors.

See details of the therapy here.

Headache Relief

Headache can be caused by sinusitis, hypertension, constipation, overworking, mental stress, indigestion, acidity, sleeplessness, poor circulation, and fever. Often, it is also present as a symptom of another disease. As there are many different potential causes for headaches and migraines, the treatment cannot simply be pain relief. Lifestyle and diet need to be carefully considered and appropriate changes made.

Generally speaking vegetable juices and soups are recommended. Fruits like apples and grapes, and some sweets and dairy products can be taken moderately according to digestive capacity. In the morning, take a glass of water mixed with a teaspoon of honey.  Avoid fried food, frozen or cold food, meat, spicy or dry food, tea, coffee, and food that cannot be easily digested. Yogurt should be avoided especially in the evening. Ayurveda also recommends against taking sour or acidic foods. Minimize the consumption of pickled or smoked food, alcohol, cheese, and chocolates as much as possible.  Often requires liver detoxification.

See details of the therapy here.

Insomnia & Poor Sleep

The most common cause of sleeplessness is mental tension about by anxiety, worries, overwork, and over-excitement. Suppressed feelings of resentment, anger, and bitterness may also cause insomnia. Constipation, overeating at night, excessive intake of tea or coffee, smoking, and going to bed hungry are among other causes. Even worrying about falling asleep can be enough to keep a person awake.

My protocol includes eating habits guidelines, necessary supplement recommendations, a herbal tea to make the body sleepy, and another herbal powder to "knock out" a person if necessary. Once the cycle is broken with sedative herbs, sleep improves gradually and dependence on the herbs reduces.

The elimination of all stimulants like coffee is required and relaxing nervine herbs are often needed in the day.  Most cases successful but can be due to other factors such a sleeping conditions and the environment such as including EMF.

See details of the therapy here.

Male  Sex Health

Concerns for men include low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low sperm count.  There is a wide range of western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic herbs that have been proven over time to resolve these male health issues.  Some of the most effective herbal preparations are described in ancient Indian literature such as the "Kamasutra" and other classical text for male health issues. The Ayurvedic remedies are time tested as these herbal ingredients were traditionally used since ancient times by people in the Indian subcontinent.

The protocol includes specific supplement recommendations, a male health tea, bee pollen, honey, and Ginseng product, and custom Ayurvedic herbal blends as needed.


  • Male Reproductive Support: For sex recovery, increased sexual endurance and increased sperm count. 
  • Male Sex & Vitaly Tonic: For more sexual drive and stamina, aphrodisiac.  
  • Male Libido Tea: Stimulating and very arousing 

Memory and Focus

This protocol includes some dietary guidelines, specific supplement recommendations, and herbal teas and products. Always an improvement in memory is noticed, however, more degenerative conditions require detoxification as well.

See details of the therapy here.

Menopause Symptoms

Menopause, the period of transition for women, can be a time for health disturbances with the shifting of hormones. Treatment requires special herbs for strengthening and rejuvenating the female reproductive system along with herbs to regulate the hormones and calm the emotions. There are many excellent Ayurvedic, Chinese and western herbs to support this transition, balance hormones, and reduce hot flashes.

This protocol includes a nutritional deficiency assessment and specific supplement recommendations, a custom Ashwagandha and Shatavari based herbal powder, and a menopause/hot-flash reducing tea if needed. Improvement in all cases, however, recommendations and treatment vary greatly with each individual.

See details of the therapy here.

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)


Therapies to promote and regular menstruation are usually indicated with the use of emmenagogue (menstruation-producing) herbal, Antispasmodics (for relieving muscle spasms), and nervines (to relieve cramping pain and calm the mind).  Special tonics for the reproductive system are also important especially when a person is debilitated.

This protocol includes a nutritional deficiency assessment and specific supplement recommendations, home remedies, a PMS tea (1 week before menstruation), and an individualized Ayurvedic formula as required to be taken daily.  Basically, I see about a 90% success rate with this approach with greatly reduced symptoms especially cramping.

See details of the therapy here.


Prostate Health

This treatment protocol includes some dietary guidelines, specific supplement recommendations, a prostate support tea to be taken for 60 days and an Ayurvedic Herb to be taken nightly as recommended. The success rate seems to depend on the severity of the original condition and compliance with the program schedule.

Notes: The conventional approach to prostate health is deeply flawed. If you go to your doctor complaining about having to "go" all the time or difficulties in the bedroom, he or she will likely prescribe a drug that may help ease some of your symptoms, but comes with some seriously disturbing side effects. In fact, the FDA recently warned that these drugs actually increase your risk of developing prostate cancer.

However, this natural solution can end frequent bathroom trips, improve your sex life and keep your prostate healthy for life.  It's a myth however that this is an unavoidable part of aging for men.  How much more enjoyable would your life be if you didn't need to "go" so often? Imagine being able to sleep soundly through the night without waking up to pee! How about being more than satisfied with your sex drive?

It's a well-known fact that many of us men take a passive approach to our health. Maybe it's our "tough guy" attitude, or perhaps we're just busy. But way too often, we tend to ignore minor health issues until they become major problems. This is especially true when it comes to prostate health.

If you've looked into natural ways to support your prostate health, you've no doubt come across saw palmetto. This extensively studied prostate supporter is derived from the berries of the saw palmetto plant. Saw palmetto is a godsend when it comes to prostate health because it is scientifically proven to inhibit both 5-alpha reductase and aromatase, blocking the production of both DHT and estrogen.

Saw Palmetto: More than just for prostate health saw palmetto has been used for a multitude of issues such as low sperm count, hair loss, bronchitis, diabetes, inflammation, migraine, and prostate cancer. It is also used to help aging muscles that tend to lose suppleness and vigor. When saw palmetto is used regularly, muscles plump up. For these reasons and more, you'll find this fruit as one of the key ingredients in my Prostate tea.


Unstable Blood Sugar

This protocol includes detailed dietary guidelines, a custom green superfood powder, and an herbal tea with Gymnema and bitter melon.  The right diet and eating habits are critical; however, the herbs help tremendously. Often requires liver detoxification if initial results are not satisfactory.

Yeast Infection/ Candida

The most common fungal overgrowth is in the g.i. tract called Candida Albicans yeast.  Symptoms include low energy, low-grade fevers, variable digestion, weak immune system, food allergies, and skin rashes. Causes usually include eating too much sugar, snacking throughout the day on sweets and bread, use of antibiotics, depressed immune system, yeast infections hypersensitivity as well as environmental toxins.

This protocol includes specific dietary guidelines, home remedies, and an effective anti-fungal herbal tea. Diet and eating habits have to change and anti-fungal herbs are necessary for success. Often requires liver detoxification for recurring cases.  Liver detoxification is often necessary and herbal colonic purgation (virechana) is also helpful in most cases.

See details of the therapy here.

 Treatments require one or two private consultations (in Ojai, CA or by Skype) plus herbal products.

If you would like to know my views about your health or set an appointment see: Fees & Online Health Assessment Forms.

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Khabir's highly knowledgeable and exceptionally thorough understanding of Ayurveda is a health-enhancing gift to others..

Donna Day, Ventura CA.

It was very helpful to learn of my Ayurvedic diet and start using the oils you recommended and, of course, the herbal products. Thanks So Much

Sonia Nordenson, Ojai

Khabir Southwick is an expert on Ayurveda and nutrition.

Love Alice James, Los Angeles

Your warm oil massage and hot steam treatment was unbelievable! After this experience I dont think I could enjoy a dry massage again. There is no questions that the Indian system of massage with warm oils is not only very relaxing and detoxifying but great for the skin and has noticeably reduced my joint pain. I look forward to my drive to Ojai again for next treatment.


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