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Recording: Understanding your body fat, meda dhatu, according to Ayurveda (2019)
Recording: Understanding & diagnosing your muscles, Mamas Dhatu, according to Ayurveda
Recording: Understanding the condition of your blood, Rakta Dhatu, according to Ayurveda.
Recording: Understanding & diagnosing your lymphatic fluid (Rasa dhatus) according to Ayurveda.
Recording: Understand Pitta imbalances - acid reflux, heat, inflammation, acne, anger (2013)
Recording: Diagnosing the 7 tissue, Sapta Dhatu, of the body according to Ayurveda (2019)
Recording: Diagnosing the male & female reproductive tissue, Shukra Dhatu, according to Ayurveda (2019)
Recording: Understanding the condition of your nerves, Meja Dhatu, according to Ayurveda (2019)
Recording: Understanding your bone tissue, ashti dhatu, according to Ayurveda (2019)
Webinar recording: Natural Treatments for Old Age according to Ayurveda
Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine
Understanding Kapha Health Imbalances
Understand Pitta Health Imbalances (2013)
Understanding Vata Health Imbalances
How to use herbal oils on your body as per Ayurveda (video)
Understanding allergies according to Ayurveda
The treatment of chronic health conditions through detoxification based on Ayurvedic principles
Benefits of Ayurveda
Healthy Ayurveda Habits
Ayurveda Eating Tips
Ayurveda - The Science of Life
Know your body-type - Video
Understanding Ayurveda - Video interview
Vata-Pitta-Kapha Doshas - Video interview
10 Common Health-care Misconceptions based on Ayurvedic Principles
Common Misconceptions of Ayurveda
How to lower your pitta - body heat, acidity, anger, etc.
Ayurveda - the oldest continuously practiced healthcare system in the world


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