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The Healing Power of Tea

The healing powers of dried roots, bark, leaves, seeds and oils were discovered ages ago in ancient civilizations long before modern science began testing these herbs to substantiate their medicinal value. Along with other treatments, herbal infusions and decoctions have been used for thousands of years in India and China, commonly referred to as Ayurveda Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine respectively. In fact, all indigenous cultures throughout the world have used dried and fresh plants for health-care.

Europe has its own "Western" school of herbs which can be traced back hundreds of years as well. Combined with the knowledge of the North and South American Indians western herbs were used extensively in North America until the early 1900s.  Today, every society in the world, except the "western" cultures, use herbal teas and herbal products on a daily basis for personal self-care and for the treatment of disease.

After years of being pushed aside and even being held in contempt (in the West), herbal teas are returning to mainstream use due to their low cost, convenience and effectiveness. 

Many recent western studies have tested the health benefits of many individual herbs and discovered the active properties or nutrients responsible for their curing effect.  However, research in the West has just begun to understand the vast uses and true value of medicinal plants. While western scientist are still seeking proof, the rest of the world including our neighbors in Mexico are using teas for a wide range of health conditions.  In North America a woman starting menopause may go to a doctor and possibly take hormone replacements, in in other cultures, including Mexico you will find women simply having a tea to relive the symptoms of menopause and balance hormone levels.

What are the benefit and the merits of Herbal Teas?

In today's hectic world we have lost sight of the importance of herbal teas and how they can be nutritious and beneficial into our diet.  Herbs are not only for healing specific health conditions, but as spices they are best used in every meal to improve digestion as well as add flavor. In addition, herbs and spices provide an easily utilized source of vitamins and minerals.

Healing with herbs is not merely a natural medicine; it is an art of creating and blending plants to produce a healthy and effective tonic.   A cup of herbal tea is more than a beverage; it is a tool for you to manage your health and balance your body.  Some herbs help digestion and relieve nausea. Other herbs and improve circulation to the brain and this improve the memory. There are herbs that give you more energy by stimulating the metabolism and the nervous system. Other teas will reduce our stress, relax our muscles, lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, decrease blood pressure, and improve our sleep.  All of this can be achieved by having a few cups of tea before, after or in between meals. 

We have many physical and emotional demands on our life each day and pressure to keep going without a resting.  In this regard, teas can be essential tools throughout the day to get going, stay going, stay relaxed and get to sleep. Tea does not have to be taken hot, in fact after the tea has brewed it can be used at a later time or throughout the day. If you have not already discovered your favorite teas, I invite you to explore a few. When you feel the gentle results, you too may wonder how you lived without tea for so long!

Steam rises from a cup of tea and we are wrapped in history, inhaling ancient times and lands, comfort of ages in our hands. ~Faith Greenb


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