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Why is it important to know your body-type?

  • To learn once and for all how much protein, fat and carbohydrates your body needs daily
  • To know what fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes work best for your digestive system
  • To learn what sleeping and lifestyle habits work best for you
  • To learn how to naturally manage your weight without "dieting"
  • To learn how to achieve maximum energy throughout the day

Learn What is your Body-type [Ayurvedic Dosha] to Balance your Constitution


The food that we eat is intended as the "fuel" for our body's cells, our engines of metabolism. Our cells in turn convert the fuel to energy to be used in all the life-supporting processes of metabolism that keep us alive and healthy. But like any engine, our body needs a certain kind of fuel for optimum function.  A gasoline engine requires gasoline; a diesel engine runs on diesel for fuel.  Using the wrong fuel for the engine will cause real problems for the engine itself.  A gas engine won't run on diesel fuel.

Similarly, our bodies have genetically-based requirements for specific foods and a correct balance of nutrients in order to produce optimal energy for optimal health. When we meet these "design requirements," we can expect to be healthy, energetic, fit and trim.

The ancient Ayurveda system from India is a comprehensive body-mind typing system.   Dietary and lifestyle guidelines are founded on a person's body-mind type, called Dosha.  The primary three doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha with various combinations such as Vata/Pitta, Pitta/ Kapha and even a Tri-dosha type which has no dominate constitution type and should follow guidelines based on the seasons.

The Vata body type is thin, either tall or short, with a low amount of muscle mass. The Vata body is a result of the Vata digestive system which is sensitive to many foods, susceptible to gas and bloating in the colon. The Vata body is also usually cool in temperature and has a tendency toward dryness which can result in dry skin and stools.  To balance the Vata body, moist and warm foods are recommended and those that cause bloating like beans and cabbages are reduced.

The Pitta body-type is muscular particularly in the upper body.  It tends to be fit with little body fat. The Pitta body-type is warm and susceptible to heartburn, fevers, high blood pressure and skin diseases.  The recommended diet is cooling with more raw foods and leafy greens with no hot spices. Pita body-types can digest most foods including dairy and meat without difficulty.

The Kapha body-type has a slow metabolism.   It does not do well with dairy and meat and subsequently puts on fat easily.  The Kapha body-type is usually stocky.   Foods that are light are recommended, and plenty of activity is necessary.

As an Ayurvedic  dietitian, I work with people many health concerns including weight issues.  Clarifying a person's body-type based on their digestive system provides a base to provide detailed dietary and lifestyle recommendations.   Once you understand your own body's unique fuel needs, your energy levels will increase and your weight will stabilize. 

As the ancient Roman philosopher Lucretius stated "One man's food is another man's poison" and as I recommend "Don't just eat good, eat right for your body-type".


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