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Understanding & diagnosing your lymphatic fluid (Rasa dhatus) according to Ayurveda

Rasa Dhatu: Plasma The word Rasa means sap, juice, or liquid. Rasa refers directly to the plasma and interstitial fluids. Rasa dhatu relates indirectly to breast milk and menstrual fluid. The Rasa dhatu, made up of the element water, possesses qualities like; it is cold, heavy, moist, soft, cloudy, and dull. Thus, the health of Rasa dhatu plays is the health of Kapha dosha. Rasa Dhatu! When rasa dhatu is depleted, the skin becomes dry and rough; dryness in the bowels produces constipation. Rasa dhatu provides the body and mind with the sap that runs through the vessels of our bodies. It is important to take good care of it and assure that life is satisfying.




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