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Understanding Kapha Health Imbalances

congestion, asthma, high cholesterol, overweight

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Kapha people need to focus on bitter, astringent, and pungent foods which invigorate their bodies and minds, and should avoid sweet, sour, and salty foods which can leave them feeling heavy and stagnant.  Kapha individuals should never eat fried or otherwise greasy foods and should shun dairy products. Fatty foods is the worst possible food for kapha types.  Bitter vegetables and astringing beans are the best for kapha types who should limit the amount of food they eat.

Kapha types need less grains than vata or pitta people. All vegetables are good for kapha dosha except sweet potatoes and yams.  They should avoid sweet fruits but dried fruits such as prunes and astringent fruits such as pomegranates and cranberries are good for kapha dosha.  Kapha types rarely need any animal protein foods because their body is adequately nourished by other foods. Kapha is increased by sweets, so kapha individuals should not use any sweetener except raw honey. They find spices useful to awaken their senses and they should be encouraged to use all spices except salt, which increases kapha.  Pungent spices like back pepper, ginger and garlic are important for kapha types. If sleep is not an issue the consumption of coffee is permissible.

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