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Khabir has helped thousands of people and hundreds have shared their story and the results.  Below are over 320 real testimonials by category from people from all over the world.  Many were struggling with a wide variety of different ailments who have found incredible results from the Ayurvedic dietary and herbal approach to healthcare.

  Most cases, as the testimonials show, will find immediate relief with dietary changes but with the herbs the results are excellent. Testimonials (8)

Feedback about how quickly herbal treatments helped with with stress and anxiety.  Testimonials

Feedback about Khabir's skills as an Ayurveda Doctor and Pharmacologist.  Testimonials (27)


These testimonials show how herbal treatments can not only manage the blood sugar levels but rectify the metabolic imbalance & improve pancreas function.  Testimonials

In both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine there are traditional herbal formulas for managing inflammatory and congestive conditions of the cardiovascular system. Testimonials

These testimonials (including one from a retired medical doctor) show that individualized herbal treatments supported by the right diet can resolve chronic constipation and even server cases of IBS and ulcerative colitis.    Testimonials

There are multiple types of depression, each with respective causes and respective therapeutic guidelines utilized in improving the emotional state of being.  Testimonials

People mostly love and even crave the recommended [Ayurvedic] diet when it supports there unique dietary needs & digestive capacity . Testimonials

Proper eating habits, changes in diet, cooking spices and herbal formulas with meals quickly resolves most chronic digestive issues.  Testimonials

I don't provide stimulating herbs for fatigue, but treat the dysfunctioning system(s) or organs in the body to achieve homeostasisTestimonials


Compelling testimonials reveal expected and unexpected results when quality herbal medicine is taken properly. Testimonials (28)

Ayurveda like other ancient healing sciences provides many natural remedies that effectively fight infections in different organs and systems of the body.  Testimonials

Herbal formulas in liquids easily reach the urinary system and work effectively to fight infection, reduce congestion and overcome depletion as needed.  Testimonials

Liver dysfunction can be prevented and also corrected through rejuvenating and cleansing your liver through diet and herbal remedies. Testimonials

Traditional herbal remedies are the most important treatment for improving conditions of the mind by supporting the nervous system, stimulating the brain and improving circulation. Testimonials

 Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years by women throughout the world to make this natural transition more smooth. Testimonials

This approach is very effective for joint and muscle pain, as well as nerve pain and intestinal pain with different herbs and dietary guidelines per individual. Testimonials (21)

Using proven herbal remedies, along with dietary and lifestyle guidelines, we're able to help women to balance their hormones and address the root causes of menstrual symptomsTestimonials

Patients who recommend me to others and explain why in the compelling reviews.  Testimonials (41)

With minor changes in the diet and the correct herbal formulas and/or teas most respiratory conditions can be quickly managed and ultimately resolved.  Testimonials

I have always strived to provide the best possible service, by being thorough with my assessment, recording notes, providing a detailed program, answering questions, providing follow-up and never cutting corners or limiting my time, Khabir.  Testimonials

I address the root cause of the skin condition, be it inflammation, dietary, hormones, etc., and in removing this cause, adjusting the diet and providing internal and topical herbsTestimonials

 With stress and anxiety being the main cause, nervine herbal teas, herbal oils and sedative Ayurvedic herbal powders are generally used. Testimonials (15)

My support staff and I follow up with menus and other supporting documents, reply to emails and regularly communicate with clients to answer questions and adjust dosages of herbal formulas. Testimonials (24)

I am always happy to share my knowledge of Ayurveda and my experience after over 27 years of clinical practice. Testimonials

Once the causes of weight gain are identified and addressed most clients lose 8 to 12 pounds a month.  Testimonials (25)


Khabir Southwick is available for [face-to-face] consultations in Ojai California, Bulverde Texas or remotely by Zoom worldwide.

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